Jan Hartmann

Jan Hartmann lived her early years on a ranch close to Ramsay, Montana.  She spent many a day taking walks in the countryside enjoying the scenery and wild animals. This is where she grew to love nature and all the beauty that it offers.

Her love of nature and life’s beauty came together with photography and clay while working at St. Labre Indian School in Ashland, MT.  She always had her camera with her taking pictures of the students, staff and nature all around.  Many of her pictures were published in the donor campaigns for St. Labre Indian School. During a flood at the mission, she left the shelter at 5:00 am and wading in knee deep water took some amazing pictures.

Jan tells a story about being out in the middle of nowhere and seeing a paint stallion with some mares on the hillside off the road.  She of course stopped the car and went up to the fence with her camera to get some pictures.  Realizing she did not bring all her lenses, she started back to the car. All of a sudden, she heard a rattling sound. Looking down she saw a huge diamond back rattler below where she was going to step. Laughing Jan said, “This is the day that I found out that I could leap at least 6 feet sideways. Needless to say, I decided that I had enough shots of the horses.”

Jan’s love of nature and the outdoors shines in the photos displayed on the feature wall.  Her photos were taken in Utah, Arizona, Florida, Montana and of course Oregon. The variety of closeups of cactus, mountains, trails and the beautiful colors of fall are sure to bring pleasure to all that come to the Art du Jour Gallery.

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