Jeanne Hayhurst, JL Doodles


Since childhood, art has played an important part of my daily world whether in the form of abstract doodles, pen and ink drawings, and colored pencil renderings. Running in the background, though, was always a desire to work with metal. So, in May 2008, after retiring from a multi decade career in human resource administration, I plunged feet first into the creation of artisan jewelry. Oh, the joy that has followed that decision!
My jewelry is crafted from fine silver, sterling silver, copper, and brass using natural stones, stone beads, pearls, and the occasional glass or manufactured crystal. Each article being offered for sale is a high quality and lovingly created piece. The findings, such as earwires and necklace/bracelet clasps, are also comprised of sterling silver, fine silver, some copper, and on occasion I also use niobium earwires which are a high quality hypo-allergenic metal for those with super metal sensitivities.

While I sell my items in a couple of northern California art galleries and am so very delighted to also be a part of Art du Jour since having moved to the gorgeous Rouge Valley area.

In addition to that which you see for sale in the gallery, I also accept custom orders. If there is something you see for sale that you would like altered in some fashion, such as a longer necklace chain, or different style of earring (some of the earring styles can be converted to non-pierced for instance); or if you would like to have an entirely different item made, please let me know and we’ll work together to create an original treasure for you! (For instance, one lady had me fashion a necklace pendant to look like a tattoo she has on her hip!)

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