John Acosta

I think each person should have a painting that speaks to their soul by an artist who created it just for that purpose. I want you, the viewer, to relate and understand the feelings in the work. Please ask deep questions of yourself and ponder on how to overcome your own life’s adversities, or how you overcame them. I hope through these reflections you can be inspired, healed, set at ease, or have your mind set on joyful things.

My oil paintings might be best described as expressionism or impressionistic. I am self-taught artist. My very first sketch was done May of 2014 and I did my first painting November of 2014. I like to paint free and have fun while painting. Although I respect technique and can create reality, I choose not to do that. I will abandon technique and color harmony if it doesn’t create the feeling I am trying to portray. Like most artists, my art is mainly intended to elicit feelings not just capture the “subject” in the painting. At times when looking at my art you may feel youthfulness, hope, joy, eternal peace, humility, thankfulness, doubt, anger, fear, and loneliness.

I hope that you will critique the art and yourself in an effort to find the deeper story. Thank you for viewing the art, reading this statement, and considering owning a piece of art created to bring you eternal youth and peace.

Have a joy filled life and I wish you all the best.

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