Marianne Nielsen

Marianne NielsenI find inspiration and motivation from all things in nature – especially animals and flowers. I am a fairly new artist having started watercolor painting in 2002. Since that time, I have been completely hooked on the media because it offers so much variety and flexibility regarding textures and techniques.

My first instructor for 5+ years was the late Marshal McDaniels. I love attending workshops by other wonderful artists such as Claudia Nice, Susan Bourdet, Larry Johnson, Linda Aman, Bev Joziwiak and Vickie Nelson to name a few. I always learn something new and exciting. As a result, I have become an instructor myself in Grants Pass, OR and have been so since 2007.

I find great pleasure in introducing others to the wonderful world of watercolor and seeing them blossom and flourish. Many have gone on to displaying their work in galleries and shows – a fact that gives me a great deal of pride. Watercolor is a media that allows me to constantly re-invent and challenge myself. It is a thrill when I can successfully apply a new technique or process to my work. Painting is my therapy, my passion and my love.

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