Penny Simmons

penny-bio-picI draw most of my inspiration from my local surroundings.  While I sometimes refer to myself as a “fledgling watercolorist” I have been painting and drawing my entire life. I was first drawn to watercolor in the 80’s when introduced to the beautiful artwork of Polly Hammett.  During that time, while living in Houston, I took my first watercolor class from Polly and became hooked on the medium.

In 1997 we moved from Texas to Oregon.  I was so inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest I wanted to paint everything.   I began a series of workshops from local artists such as Anne Brooke, Doddie Hamilton, and Judy Morris.  Thus began the development of my ever-evolving style

In 2007, in an “Intensive Studies Seminar” in Taos, NM, I studied with some of the country’s most celebrated and respected artists; Skip Lawrence, Fran Larsen, Katherine Liu, Alex Powers, and Christopher Schink.  More recently I enjoyed workshops with Mary Whyte and John Lovett

I am a member of the Oregon Watercolor Society, and an Associate member of both the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society.

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