January Press Release

Exhibits highlighting the coming of a new year will be shown at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main, in Medford during the month of January. Charity Hubbard will be featured in the Salon where you will find many of her small exquisite original paintings and prints. Artists of Art du Jour will show paintings for an exhibit titled “Winterfest”.

Charity Hubbard’s New Work Shines in the Salon

Charity Hubbard has a stunning display of her work in the Salon including original paintings, prints, and cards. You will see paintings that have never been shown in a gallery plus snow themed paintings perfect for the season. Hurry in as Hubbard will have well priced unframed and framed (under $180) artwork great for creating a new look for your home.

Hubbard has been a professional and fine artist for close to 20 years with her current art pursuits gravitating towards fine art oil paintings of people, landscape and architecture.
Hubbard enjoys painting on location “en plein air” becoming engrossed in catching a special moment without being daunted by the weather. She says, “It is a joy to find inspiration in the challenge of capturing life as it happens, attempting to be true to the mood and nature of what is in front of me. Each moment is a gift and a place in time that will never happen again, and it’s a privilege to persevere in portraying the spirit of a moment in visual expression to the best of my ability.”

Charity has a back ground in commercial art, having worked for several years on projects for Pixel Productions Inc., a commercial art and design company. She is trained in perspective and drafting, has illustrated by commission for architects and builders, rendering technical yet artistic architectural illustrations in a variety of mediums. Her current art pursuits gravitate towards fine art oil painting of people, landscape and architecture.

Charity offers classes to youth ages 10 and up as well as to adults. She currently teaches in the Central Art supply classroom. Her classes take a classical approach to learning the foundational elements of art.


In an exhibit titled “Winterfest,” Marianne Nielsen, who considers painting her therapy, her passion and her love, will show her work. Her watercolors appeal to all ages with their brightness and exquisite detail. As viewers look at the work by Connie Fribance, she would like them to experience a visual emotion. Her winter scene is especially spellbinding. Phyllis Gustafson is addicted to nature and it shows. She passes on her joy of the natural world as it exists in a moment of time. Marilyn Zupan’s art reflects her English heritage. After a time living in England, Zupan developed a…”deep love for the beauty and softness of the English countryside.” Her watercolor techniques reflect this. See paintings by these and other Art du Jour artists on the Winterfest Featured Wall.

Join us at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main Street in Medford, on Friday, Jan. 20, 5-8 p.m., to chat with Charity Hubbard and to meet the “Winterfest” artists. Unwind in our lovely gallery to refresh your mind and senses. The reception will include the soothing guitar, keyboard and flute music of Minstrel Streams. Appetizers will be served. Regular gallery hours are 10-4, Tuesday-Saturday. For more information, call (541) 770-3190.

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