June at Art du Jour Gallery

Special Guest Artist Sheri Dinardi’s Beguiling Portraiture in Our Salon, and “Symphony of Colors” on Our Theme Wall!

Art du Jour Gallery is proud to host in our Salon during June and July special guest artist Sheri Dinardi, an extraordinary artist whose works in oils have brought her national acclaim and many awards.  Her sunlit portraits of lovely young women and little girls in garden bowers and flowered woodlands soar far beyond ordinary portraiture into a breathtaking realm all their own.  Her portraits evoke a gentle, nostalgic feeling of life centuries ago when you might encounter a peasant girl in a meadow, gathering flowers in her apron to adorn the heavy plank table in front of the hearth.  Visit Art du Jour’s Salon this June and let yourself be beguiled.

Also during June, Art du Jour member artists will display artwork on our Feature Wall in response to the theme “Symphony of Colors.”  We occasionally challenge our gallery artists with themes that elicit delightful creativity.  Rising to this challenge will likely be Millie Clarke (abstracts in acrylic), Phyllis Gustafson (landscapes in pastels and oils), Ruth Heath (flower-covered English cottages in watercolor and oils), Mary Jo Heath (landscapes in pastels), Judy Hubler (children and birds, in watercolor), Marianne Nielsen (animals and landscapes in watercolor), Penny Simmons (ethereal landscapes in watercolor), Sheryl Swift (large animals and landscapes in oils), Dick Woods (animals and landscapers in conte’ crayon and graphite), Marilyn Zupan (English landscapes in watercolor), Roy Musitelli (landscapes in photography and illustrations in Prismacolor), John Lambie (abstracts in acrylic), and Connie Fribance (flowers and landscapes in oils).

Sheri Dinardi lives in Jacksonville surrounded by farms and distant mountains, a constant source of inspiration for her paintings’ rural settings.  “Painting for me is an expression of life,” Sheri says.  “Simple everyday beauty surrounds us.  From the sunrise, quietly shimmering light in the trees and shadows long across the field to the sunset light show of color across the clouds; these occur every day, often with barely a notice as we hurry by.  The beauty of light cascading down through tall pines, fall aspens aglow against deep blue mountains take my breath away.  It’s there each day and even the homeless can see the grand display.  Even though I am not a landscape painter per se, I am moved by these glimpses of timeless beauty.  I am especially moved by light, whether it is the rising sun or light spilling across the form of a person.”

Sheri began studying oil portrait painting with Richard McKinley in 1985 and later attended workshops with Frank Covino, studying Old Master techniques.  Bouguereau and Waterhouse were her favorites, and she especially admired their subjects, themes and beauty of form.

Today, Sheri appreciates John Singer Sargeant, and Joaquin Sorolla for their breakthrough in portraying outdoor light, as well as their lively brushwork. She is drawn to American Masters Albert Herter and Abott Handerson Thayer for their stunning beauty and design, and she also appreciates Anders Zorn for his skin tones and his now popularized Zorn palette. Though she uses a fuller palette, she uses this concept as a simple springboard in life painting studies and much of her other work. She aims to create paintings that evoke a sense of timelessness and elegance.

Sheri often paints from life.  “When working from life you see the nuances of light and shade, warm and cool as the light falls over the subject.”  Her subjects are young women and girls in landscape settings as well as intimate portraits. For settings, what could be lovelier than golden light across a newly harvested wheat field, fragrant lavender or rose garden with distant mountains in the horizon?  She follows the rhythm of the seasons and aims to capture the fleeting effect of light as it changes throughout the day.

“As primarily a painter of people, I enjoy the unique privilege of standing before a beautiful living human being. The beauty of the colors of light on the skin, warm and cool tones alternating around the form is something that doesn’t show up with such nuance and subtlety in a mere photo. Beyond the imagery is the personhood of the model that seems to emanate into the room. How do I capture it all with mere paint on a blank canvas? There is our challenge… to communicate life experience and beauty to our viewers.”

Sheri concludes, “As an artist I desire to paint images that bring joy, inspiration and a sense of hope to the viewer.  Most importantly, I hope to express the beauty of creation in such a way as to honor our Creator who gives us life and breath, and Who inspires me every day with His amazing masterpieces.”

Sheri has displayed in exhibitions in Seattle, Birmingham, Dallas, Scottsdale, Santa Fe, Coeur D’Alene and Pasadena, winning awards and honorable mentions in many of these venues, beginning in 1986.  She has won Southern Oregon Society of Artists’ Painting of the Year award four times, and Best of Show in several other competitions.

Below: “Aspen Spring” by Sheri Dinardi.


Join us at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main Street in Medford, on Friday, June 17, 5 – 8 p.m., to meet special guest artist Sheri Dinardi and many of our Art du Jour artists.  Our artist’s reception will feature the soothing guitar, keyboard and flute music of Minstrel Streams.  Appetizers, wine and cider will be served.  Regular gallery hours are 10 – 4, Tuesday – Saturday.  For more information, call (541) 770-3190.

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