November Press Release

We would like to invite you to our Third Friday Art Walk and Reception on Nov. 17 from 5 – 8 p.m. An informal evening featuring art, snacks and an opportunity to visit with the Art du Jour Artists. Music by Minstrel Streams.

The winner of the October Peoples Choice Watercolor contest is Lori Taylor with her painting titled “I do.” A lovely watercolor of the boots her daughter was wearing at her wedding. The painting will be on display during November in the gallery. Congratulations Lori! Many thanks to all who have entered this contest and the previous ones. We are planning to have more contests in 2018.

“Food Wonderful Food” is the theme of our November Featured Wall. Gallery members showing works are Millie Clarke, Mary Jo Heath, Judy Hubler, Ginny Matheson, Susan Krempa, Ruth Heath plus other members. Millie Clarke’s work reflects the fact that she lived in Asia for five years, two in Singapore and three in Tokyo. Having a love for Asian art, the two pieces from her Simple Pleasure series reflect a minimalist approach as well as featuring two foods loved in that part of the world, persimmons and eggplant. Mary Jo Heath’s pastel still-life “Squash,” reflects her feeling for this time of the year. She says, “Harvest is the time for comfort food and the smell of spices in the kitchen …canning equipment, shelves loaded with jars of garden produce, and a feeling of accomplishment.” Judy Hubler shows a still-life with sunlight reflecting on red tomatoes in an antique crystal bowl with a loaf of homemade bread resting on a red cloth. Ginny Matheson’s “Tomato Trio” shows her abstract and shading skills with her interpretation of vine ripened tomatoes.

At this time of year we would like to support people who are having a hard time making ends meet. When you come to the gallery in November, please try to bring a non-perishable food item and we will donate the food to Access.

Dodie Brandon– Hamilton’s work will be shown through November in the Salon. Stepping into the Salon area will immerse you in the fabulous bright, enchanting colors of her paintings, many of which are accented with gold leaf. Dodie is well known in the Valley, was an Art du Jour Gallery member for several years and also a founding member of Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland. She has retired to the Springs at Veranda Park, but that has not slowed her down, as she continues to produce her favorite iris paintings and to try new and different techniques.

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